Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hotels in Calicut

This is a post that is in my consideration, the hotel in Calicut and its views of me.

Of course the most popular hotels in Calicut is Paragon and Sagar. The other prestigious hotel here are the three four star hotels, Malabar Palace, The Fortune Hotel and The GateWay Hotel. This is a land where there are many hotel and that gives birth to newer hotels. This is because the people here love fooding. I can proudly say that we are one of the most lovable foodies of my country.

The most popular street of Calicut is named as Sweet Meat street because of the sweetness of the meat that were hanged at the street. Yes when India was ruled by British, they noticed a meat at the street that tasted sweetness. This was Halwa and even now no one has crossed us in the popularity of Halwas. You can notice the selling of halwas at the Calicut railway stations. People from different parts knows the popularity and thus buys it.

Cooking is becoming popular in my land. I notice many cookery shows on TV. The most popular cookery show in Kerala is Magic Owen hosted by Lakshmi nair. Then came the other smart guy, Kalesh who talks with great enthusiasms to every thing he finds interesting. He made the program Taste of Kerala popular. Now there are many cookery shows. This is because the people are interested in watching them.

But today our families do not find time to spend at their homes. When the father and mother both need to go and work, they also ends up with hotel foods. At olden times going to hotel was regarded a cheap thing, yes it was!! As the people used to think, Is there no food for him at his home, while they see someone near to hotel. But now; things have changed, people love to go hotel, people even love to hear the comments of hotels and their foods. Hotels are now the place of gathering of friends and family. It has been the place of discussions, meeting and even loving each other.

Paragon have recently opened a branch at the Focus mall, and I have heard that their meals are tasty. People now can afford this costly food as they gets customers, particularly those who are employed at other metro cities especially Banglore for instance. It is a cultural readiness that lead to the opening of branded restaurant like KFC, Dominos, Pizza Corner, Café the Coffe Day and other. The city is yet to see McDonalds, SubWay, Pizza Hut and much more. Calicut is a growing city and is a rich fertile soil to harvest. Those youngsters that works at metros comes home, may be 5 or 6 times a year and gives treat to their friends, after all the economy needs to be balanced and thus need hotels with AC, rich interiors, rich service and high billing.

Some of the other hotels in Calicut are Bombay Hotel which has a long time in its experience. The Plaza hotel at mavoor road have transformed to topform with modified interiors. There are the famous Indian Coffee House 5 or 6 branches in the city. S.M. street has the popular Aryabhavan near to Radha theatre that serves vegetarian foods only. You can try masala dosa from there again.

Calicut also witnessed the much popularity to the Arabian foods. Kerala is a land that also grew up with the gulf money. There are many malayalies in gulf, went just to make money and look their family, with staying away from loved once with more than 80% of their lives. Kerala first saw the arrival of Shawarma, people thought, what is the roll and how can this be eaten. But this food is now hugely sold across all part of kerala. Its been around 15 years that the Shawarma is ruling our mouths. Recently we also got Shawaya, Tandoori and other chicken items, with no doubt chicken is the most popular; beating others like fishes, beef, mutton and others.  Hotels like Zam Zam is popular for these items.

May Flower hotel provides home delivery services. Here you get to have many common food menus. Salkara which is a sister hotel of paragon also provides home delivery services. Their home delivery bikes were the first of its kind that I have noticed in the city. Arabian foods came to this land with Al-Bake. Their arrival really clicked in the city. I like to have kuboos tasted with amoos after in taking chunks of chicken pieces. But not like gulf hotels, the hotels here do not provide healthy side dishes like leaves or other vegetables. I truly recommend hotels to provide them with the meats.

City also witnessed the Marina Mall and a hotel underneath it named Seven Seas, Im yet to taste them. There are also hotels after Ariyadth palam named Broast, that serves fried chicken of their kinds. Canteens in the city are also popular. Famous hospitals in Calicut is baby Memorial hospital and MIMS hospital that also provide good food at their canteens. Pillai Snack is a recent emerged hotel that provides unlimited chatnis, three kinds if I'm right. Nearby to that is the Hot Buns that is famous for the Arabian stuffs. This is one hotel in the city where you can sit beside the street and food, the french or European style. Some people do not favor this style due to the dust from the roads. Hotel Deewar is one that is talked with affordable rates by the common people.

Kannur road which is a one-way has Sabka Restaurants, I think its hard to get business for a hotel at one-ways, the cars may pass away when they just reads the ad- board. Hotels like Sanjeevanam that sold lunch for Rs 100+  with a natural style could not become so popular. They shifted from fourth railway gate to building near kalpaka bazzar. The next hotel I want to talk is about Rahmath hotel. Wow, what a business. Their growth was exponential. You cant get into it at Friday afternoons. The beef Biriyani is the most popular.

Beach is a favorite hangout place for the people of Calicut. The beach has two main hotels, Chick Bake and Kafe Kochi. French Restaurant is a cool hotel near by. They have these wonderful puffs, I havent tasted a better puff than their's. near to it there is nalanda hotel, Lunch house and Green leaves. There are hotels at mavoor roads like Opal and Omar. I am not interested to go there, but they are happy with the new customers they get everyday from the nearby bis stand. Mavoor road have two Sagar now.

There were a nice hotel near to Bombay hotel, it was named Newform and had very good menu and reasonable price. I thought it will stand of its own, but unfortunately the hotel needed to be closed, doubt they could not handle the rent rates at the building. Other hotel that I missed is KingsBay near to beach and C.P. hajji  hotel at velayil.

You can start a hotel of your own at Calicut. People loves new hotels. They used to discuss the news of hotels once they gather at places like beaches. There are many active social media people who discuss the happenings of the city. Even the comments, good and bad, I love being with my friends and hear it.

Bakeries in calicut is not so famous like that in the northern part of Kerala. Bakeries are very popular at places like Thalasherry an Kannur. However bakeries like Ojin bakery, Regal Bakery, Delecta Bakery are famous here. You get to have the common food items like samosa, puffs, sandwiches, fried items, cakes, biscuits and other. Delecta besides in the one-way and with no parking area has maintained a fairly good tasty foods.

Meanwhile forget to tell about the amazing Coffee Beanz. What a sale, beside the highly price, no one wants to pay 60 rs for a cup of coffee, I mean we are common people yaar. I wanted to feel it somehow and it happened, with one of my friend from Chennai, he could afford the rates. The foods seems to be baked in owen, there is something special with the place. The European fried chicken named as EFC could not stay here and so closed. I remember I went for its inauguration where I saw the Malayalam film actor Dileep.

Sad to say there is no Chinese restaurant here. I missed it since I went to a hotel named Shifonets from Kannur. The best fried rice I ever had. The taste is so unique. I began to hear that it was so good because the chefs are from China. Wow, you must taste that fried rice and try chicken lollipop as a side dish. But I hope there is a great business hope for a Chinese restaurants in Calicut. I am damn sure that it will be a good success.

Hope you liked my ideas about the hotels in Calicut. I request your valuable comments. With the comments only I can build up more.

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